Mobile Nail Services


Nail clipping.... $15
Just a clip...
Basic mani.... $20
Trim, file, shape nails, condition cuticles, massage your hands followed by your choice of polish...
Recovery mani.... $25
This manicure is a treatment manicure so your nails can recover from Acrylics.  Receive a FREE bottle of solar oil to condition your cuticles...
Gel  mani.... $25
A clear coat of gel is polished onto your nails then cured/ dried under a LED light...

Nail clipping ....$15
just a clip

Basic pedi.... $30
Trim, file, shape nails, condition cuticles,  soften any callus on the foot. Massage your legs and feet.  followed by your choice of polish 
Hydrating Pedi....$40
This pedicure is a treatment pedicure for those with tired, sore dry, cracked heels. A foot massage is given using a wonderful hydrating oil is used  
Nail debridement...$15
An electric file is used on your nails to reduce the thickness 
We only use brand new one time use nail files, birchwood sticks for each manicure and pedicure service you receive ~ and after the service they are thrown away.
Ionic Foot bath
Coming Soon


We provide you with the best in nail care around while maintaining the highest level of cleanliness available.
Before each service we wash and disinfect our hands. We ask that each client do the same. This simple and easy step helps prevent the spread of client germs.

During a pedicure service we always wear gloves. It helps prevent the spread of unseen Fungi, Athletes foot, Warts etc... This is not mandated by state law,  but we feel this further adds to the clean and healthy environment for you our client and for us.
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